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Naughty Nerd Trivia

Naught Nerd Trivia is not your Momma's bar trivia!  This entertaining & educational event brings adult sex education and entertainment together.  

Naughty Nerd Trivia (NNT) is a fun & interactive addition to your meeting, workshop, or other event. 

Based on your needs, the NNT team will deliver an hour of fun, sex-positive learning and lots of laughs (and some groans).   NNT can bring prizes or hosts can offer giveaways to the winning teams.  

NNT consists of 5 rounds of sex positive questions (5 per round) .  NNT has been appearing live monthly since August 2021. 


Experience NNT live on the 2nd Friday of every month at 8pm at Six Capital Brewing & BBQ in Aurora, CO.

For technical requirements, booking, pricing or any questions - please email!

This page in under construction - more NNT information to come!



Meaningful Connections offers Naughty Nerd Trivia as a fundraiser for local sex-positive charities.  As of 12/2022 NNT has raised over $2000.  If you have a sex-positive non-profit and would like to benefit from NNT - please reach out.

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