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Welcome to Meaningful Connections Therapy

Are you seeking to strengthen a relationship, explore new avenues to intimacy, rebuild or redefine yourself, or answer questions about your sexual desires and interests? Therapy can help.

Meaningful Connections Therapy exists to assist adult clients when issues related to relationships, intimacy, and sex are obstacles to a more rewarding life.  Often feelings of anxiety, depression, grief, and anger stem from a disconnect in intimate relationships.  Michelle is in practice to help clients identify and resolve those issues that stand in the way of reaching goals and leading the most rewarding life.  Married couples, dating pairs, polycules, and singles can all benefit from sex therapy. 

Clients of any gender, relationship construct, and/or sexual orientation are welcomed and honored.

Counseling Services

Michelle's counseling philosophy focuses on the present and future, with a goal of improving the client's quality of life.  She uses an eclectic mix of psychotherapy methods including: CBT, REBT, Reality, Narrative and Experiential therapies.  Michelle brings compassion, empathy and humor into each counseling session.  Every treatment plan is unique to meet the client's needs.

Individual Counseling

Psychology Patient
Young couple having marriage counselling

Relationship Therapy

Business Hours

Mon-Friday: 10am - 7pm 

If you are having a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.      

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